With The Help Of Our Self-Defense Classes Stay Safe In Any Situation

Jiu Jitsu was developed as a way for the meeker person to take control of a larger opponent by using skill above strength. The word "Jiu Jitsu" is commonly translated as “The Gentle Art”. 

The goals of Jiu Jitsu are simple:
  1. Control your opponent.
  2. Subdue (“Submit”) your opponent.

Since the foundation of a Jiu Jitsu match involves positional control of an opponent, it can be directly applied to real-life self defense scenarios. Jiu Jitsu is much less violent than other striking martial arts, which allows students to train at a pace and intensity similar to that of a real fight without the same risk of injury.

We begin with mock fighting drills, and as you improve your moves, we move into real Self Defense exercises with all safety measures in place. Our classes designed to use Self Defense skills as the most potent means of self-defense and stamina building. Our experienced and passionate instructors manage each session in such a way that you get to experience both modern methods of fitness training and the old ways of the Self Defense tactics for self-defense.

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